Meet Wayne Berger

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 Wayne Berger

iShack Ventures Founder / PropTech Africa Co-Founder /


Wayne is an experienced technology entrepreneur, specialising in PropTech & FinTech platforms and experienced in working with multi-cultural, decentralised innovation teams.

Wayne completed his MBA at IE Business School in Madrid Spain (2011).

Work Experience

Wayne currently holds the position of Managing Partner of iShack Ventures, a Venture Builder investing in disruptive technologies in the PropTech, FinTech and EduTech sectors.

In addition, Wayne is  the founder and current chairman of iShack Innovation Consultancy (2005). An advisory firm implementing digital transformation for  corporate clients, wanting to fundamentally improve the way they operate, while enhancing true value to their clients. 


Wayne’s educational background encompasses a B Comm informatics and an Investment honours from RAU University. Wayne completed his MBA at IE Business School in 2011. Furthermore, Wayne is a registered principle real-estate practitioner with the (EAAB) Estate Agency Affairs Board and has achieved certifications from international institutions in Gamification and New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs.

Associations & Networks

In 2014, Wayne¬† co-founded Venture Network South Africa, a non-profit Venture Capital community hosting quarterly networking events and consequently facilitating numerous start-up businesses acquiring funding from the Venture Network investor base. Wayne’s innovation mindset and¬† passion for Property Technology resulted in him co-founding the South African PropTech Association (2018) and PropTech Africa (2019) to facilitate PropTech adoption by the real estate industry in South Africa and Africa respectively.

Keynotes & Consulting

Lastly, Wayne’s corporate education and keynote talks converge on practical techniques for corporate businesses to adopt an innovation mindset in an every changing, dynamic environment and become digitally fluid, achieving exceptional returns, while realising true value for their clients.

Wayne’s specific knowledge in 4iR technologies and industry experience has positioned him as a sort-after Innovation, PropTech and Venture Capital corporate educator.

CSI & Charity Work

Since leaving university, Wayne has worked with multiple charities and non-profit institutions, assisting them with their fund-raising initiatives through his first business, Connoisseur Collectables, while building a highly sort-after  collection of rare, worn, football (soccer) memorabilia.

Today (2020), Wayne focusses his energy on educating Africa’s youth¬†through his EduTech platform, EarlyisBest Education. EIB utilises the latest in mobile and tablet gaming technologies to teach children the foundations in literacy and numeracy.

“For me true empowerment can be achieved today by delivering intuitive educational programs to the underprivileged, through cheap but smart, mobile & tablet hardware and low cost internet access.”

Below is a video of our work with Afrika Tikkun and how we are working with them to teach 1250 kids, across six ECD centres, the alphabet and advance them on the road to literacy with the EarlyisBest mobile and tablet application,  AlphabetLand.