Dear Jake. My son, I am always here for you!

You don’t give up. For me. I won’t give up for you!

1st of all and most important. I love you! I will never stop loving you and I will always be here for you, no matter what you have done or what is on your mind, I will never stop loving you, I am here to support and guide you in life and make you into the capable and reliable Man you want to be.

This means:
Please always… ask me when you need help… when you need advice or even if you just want to be close to me for comfort, security and love. It was not my wish for us to sometimes live apart but emotionally, I am always here for you.

In life, we can only play the cards we are dealt. Over time, I have learnt that both in good times and in bad times, ‘this time too shall pass’ and this means we need to play our cards to the best of our ability, even when we are angry, anxious or impatient.

To do this:
Try to be ‘the calmest person in the storm’ because you will learn that when you ‘act in haste, you can repent in leisure’ and making decisions triggered by emotions and feelings can have heavy fees in the school of life.
 Understand and embrace that ‘no-one is perfect’ and you do not need to be perfect for me, for yourself or anyone. Just be you, it is more than enough.

‘Learn how to learn’ and follow your curiosity. You are a bright boy and you will be a bright adult, never doubt your ability, just know that one day you will recognise that everything meaningful in your life requires hard work and some pain to achieve it or appreciate it.

Never give up. When you want to give up, think of me. I am here with you and saying try again why not what do you have to lose? Sometimes you will be successful and other times you will fail and learn. In both scenarios you are a winner, so always try and never give up. I believe in you.

If you can dream it, visualise it, feel it emotionally and you show patience and tenacity  to receive it, then you are going fly above your peers.
Fail and keep trying with everything in your heart and in your soul. The lessons from failing will make you the person you are meant to become. You will overcome all your challengers, ‘don’t wish it was easier, wish to be stronger’. 

You stand tall.  Be proud, you are unique, you are you and I love you !

Be you!

You don’t give up. For me. I won’t give up for you!

Principles to follow during Covid Time

Free advice, hope it helps 🙂

1) This time too shall pass

– Remember, in good times and in bad times this time too shall pass.

2) Be the Calmest Person in the Storm

– During times of stress and Covid is a time of compounding stress, it is very easy to become emotional and make emotional decisions. Try be calm and keep emotions and anxiety out of your decisions.

3) Embrace Technology

– For me the greatest change that Covid has brought about  is the leapfrog in technology adoption by both business and society. This means that you need to be open and accepting of new technologies. It is ok to take baby steps but you have to take the first step.

4) Become Lean and Mean

– During difficult times it is highly advisable to reduce your burn rate, therefore it is essential to remove wasted expenditure.

5) Get Creative & Ask Questions

– What  resources do I have available in my business today?

– What do people need?

– what will be around in 10 years time?