Principles to follow during Covid Time

Free advice, hope it helps 🙂

1) This time too shall pass

– Remember, in good times and in bad times this time too shall pass.

2) Be the Calmest Person in the Storm

– During times of stress and Covid is a time of compounding stress, it is very easy to become emotional and make emotional decisions. Try be calm and keep emotions and anxiety out of your decisions.

3) Embrace Technology

– For me the greatest change that Covid has brought about  is the leapfrog in technology adoption by both business and society. This means that you need to be open and accepting of new technologies. It is ok to take baby steps but you have to take the first step.

4) Become Lean and Mean

– During difficult times it is highly advisable to reduce your burn rate, therefore it is essential to remove wasted expenditure.

5) Get Creative & Ask Questions

– What  resources do I have available in my business today?

– What do people need?

– what will be around in 10 years time?